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Big Person Furniture!

I have been known to do the odd “impulse buy” (I don’t care what anyone says, they don’t call it retail THERAPY for nothing). Usually, I’m not a crazy spendy person but a few years ago, my relationship went bust and I was feeling a bit wounded, lonely and, well, stupid. I decided I need a divorce present. I drove on a tear to Modernica on Beverly Blvd, and UNABLE to wait the lead time for a custom upholstery job, I purchased the Hans J. Wegner Papa Bear chair right out of the window. I had wanted a blinding citrus green velvet but instead opted for a muted olive wool (Kvadrat fabric…delicious and available at Modernica). I wrastled that chair into my car, wedged the foot stool on the front seat and then carried the whole thing up two flights of stairs to my living room. I love it. It’s my first piece of really adult, pricey and timeless furniture (I haven’t been able to afford anything else in that vein since) and it makes happy every time I walk in my door.

Yolk Silverlake sells this blanket

My very own Papa Bear chair.

Of course, every good chair deserves an equally delish accessory and I recently took home this blanket from Yolk by Leo Atlante (they don’t have a website but you can find them on Facebook). It’s a fine weave wool, made in Morocco and hand-embroidered. I like to sit in this chair and read a book (or trashy tabloid mags that are too trashy for me to even name) and always need to curl up with a blanket around my legs so this one is perfect for oddly-cool LA nights.

Yolk Silverlake embroidered blanket

This Leo Atlante blanket is at Yolk and also in my living room. Score!

While we’re here, I thought I’d share a picture of one of my loves, Jake. He’s an oldie but a serious goodie. He has equally good taste in textiles. Enjoy.

Jake draped in a blanket from Yolk Silverlake

He has many names but I usually call him Snoop. Photos: Reuben Reynoso


Spotted: Nice lighting Mrs. Prime Minister

I’ve been in bed feeling a bit poorly, which wasn’t so bad because it let me watch season 2 of Borgen in one go! I don’t watch much TV but this series has me totally hooked, right down to the PM Birgitte Nyborg’s expertly tailored blazer in every hue of grey, navy and emerald. However, my favorite part about any Scandinavian TV series or movie is always that a) people drinks coffee all day long (very true) and you also notice how important design is to all the Scandi countries.

The main light in Nyborg’s office is the spendy, classic PH Artichoke Light which we would love to have haning over a dining room table thankyouverymuch. Image

The other piece that we’ve coveted for years is the Prince Chair by Louise Campbell, which came out some years ago but still looks really current. Personally, I don’t love it in the PM’s TV room because the other pieces seem more classic but, as a chair, that’s made of laser-cut steel and neoprene, it’s gorgeous.